Methinks I hear the duelists warming up in the fields. From Princes and Princesses to Jester and Wenches, choose your fate in the Quest for thy Magical Excalibur Sword.

With a charge towards your competitors for the start, thine hearts shall indeed be thumping. Once thy cross into thee far away land and complete thou Quest to retrieve the Excalibur sword, a feast for all and medals awarding the every brave soul for pursuing the voyage.

Fare thee well my good people. Click the various links to explore Thine Quest of the 10 Mile Run/Walk on March 20th, 2016.

NEW! Announcing,  Game of Stones Series (2016-2019), a 4 year Quest for the Holy Grail! Earn Royal Rewards!

NEW! Dragon Slayer 2 Miler! A shorter quest with dragon finisher medals!


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